Jairo Ramirez

Jairo Ramirez

About Jairo Ramirez

I will make your tattoos using the best composition for your body, in the most aesthetic way and using the best materials
and modern techniques.

Jairo Ramirez

in the relaxed and beautiful town of Interlaken, canton Bern Switzerland you’ll find Jairo Ramirez tattoo artist from San Jose Costa Rica.

making tattoos and spreading his chill vibes in the best style like Costa Rica people can do.

jairo spend the last 14 years absorbing all he can about this crazy industry we all love so much.

He faced these challenges and learned and grew through them, now he specializes in his work in black and grey tattoos but he easily can work in different tattoo styles.

inspired by great artists it’s no wonder jairo never loses his passion for learning. He looks to further his knowledge of black and grey tattoos and make his presence known on the tattoo convention circuit in countries like Costa Rica his motherland, Panama, and Switzerland where he recently had the fortune of winning first place in the category of tattoo in freehand, which shows the love and dedication with which he performs his work

jairo spends most of the time tattooing but he is always trying to look for extra time doing some unique art in different media styles like charcoal, aquarelle, and graphite all this to upgrade his art appreciation and bring the knowledge into tattooing.

Jairo focus and attention to detail and full commitment to each individual client are refreshing. if you’re in the area and looking for some ink and a laid-back atmosphere check jairo out at his studio Entre Lagos tattoo & art gallery located in centralsstrase 42 Interlaken Switzerland.

some tattoo media appearance

I show with you all the international media appearance of my tattoo work.